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I published this review on March 19 -- and in all my years of marketing have never had a response like this before.  There is something within us that recognizes the need, value and blessing of this product!

Long Overdue .... My Recommendation and Review for
A Health Tea That I Use and Believe In
by C. Allen

I have been providing weight loss encouragement through community meetings, personal coaching and online since 1999 (nine years now.) In that time I have never, I repeat NEVER recommended any kind of health supplement, drink or vitamin, although I have looked for one, and prayed to find one that would be "all natural" to bless the entire body, and a product to potentially speed up and improve the effectiveness of the principles I teach: "Eat less and move more with a positive attitude of respect and joy".

 When Sandra Matkin, an Angel GraceNotes reader, approached me, as many businesses have over the years, to try her product, I respectfully did a "due diligence" looking online for bad reviews and the scam element. To my great surprise, though I searched for hours, there were none! 

Page after page, site after site presented dedicated long-time users like Corey, who has lost over 100 pounds.  They have been using it for years with powerful results from everything for weight loss, to colon cleansing, to  Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stomach and skin problems. Wheel-chair bound individuals are finding blessed relief for their own elimination challenges, as well as young women with acid reflux.

So, I ordered some!  So did my sister Susan, who helps my 89 year-old mother who has had very challenging bowel problems for many years. When it came, we were delighted to find a most delightful, easy to prepare, tasty  tea that can be enjoyed either hot or cold. My husband who is very health conscious joined us. Within a matter of a few weeks my sister's grown daughter, a professional massage therapist, also joined us.

While Mom, Susan and I enjoyed it diluted as a tea, my niece and brother-in-law preferred 1/4 cup doses straight from the refrigerator.  Bob and I like it cold as well as hot.

We have all had wonderful, wonderful results.  I immediately lost 2-3 pounds that had been stubbornly clinging since Christmas.  We all experienced increased energy and somehow a "clarity" of mind and spirit. My mother immediately reduced the dosage of the laxative she used and now experiences an effective, beneficial, gentle colon cleansing. She wanted me to stress to each of you how different her functioning is.  My massage therapist niece felt an immediate "lighter -- cleaner -- healthier" feeling, as well as a flatter stomach. Not only did I lose the weight, my afternoons where I have the strongest urges to nibble and eat were greatly reduced.

When our first order ran out, as I had planned for testing purposes, we went without it for several days and immediately missed it! My husband was most anxious for our next order to arrive.  And we've been taking it ever since.  It's a very pleasant way to refresh the afternoon, and then to end the evening with our little cup of health tea.

Since that time I have personally chatted with people who have found nearly 100% relief from Fibromyalgia, Irritible Bowel Syndrome and a host of other nasty bowel/colon/digestive/energy problems.  They were practically crying with the release and relief to have solved these energy, health, hygiene and lifestyle challenges. 


C. Allen