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Review of Move 2 Pure
Does This Stuff Work?

By The Spiritual Guy, published Jan 03, 2008

Have you heard of Move 2 Pure?

Well I hadn't, and I ALWAYS try to stay on top of any new health trend that comes around. I found it around August of 2011 when I was researching which type of colon cleanse would be the most effective. Let's look at colon cleansing in general.

Many people, especially holistic health practitioners, believe that disease  and many health issues all start in the colon. They say that fecal matter builds up in the colon and clings to the colon walls. Over time instead of being expelled, it slowly starts to rot and putrefy. Gross right? That's not the half of it. Many people I've spoken with are insistent that this awful decayed matter can then be over time, absorbed back into the body because blood capillaries pick up the toxins, poisons, and decayed debris as it seeps through the walls of the bowels. This process is labeled "auto-intoxication" or basically in layman's terms, your own body  poisoning yourself. This could possibly be the cause of cancer, diabetes, and many other debilitating, deadly diseases. So what is the answer to all this? A simple colon cleanse can and should remove all that gross matter from your body.

Many western doctors don't believe any of this. The argue that the colon doesn't need to be "cleansed" that in essence our colons are self cleansing etc. First let me say that I love western medicine, but I think that too many times western schooled doctors overlook many important things that holistic practitioners have been saying all along. Case in point, perhaps in the beginning our colons were designed to be "self cleansing" however now days we ingest so many chemicals, pesticides and other junk, not to mention that 95% of Americans do not enough fiber, all add up to one thing, junk building up in the colon. Think about it. You eat a small breakfast, a mid sized lunch and a medium to large dinner. Think about all that food in a bowl. Now cut that amount in half, then cut that in half so you are looking at around 1/4 what you eat in a day. Do you see that amount of fecal matter come out of you everyday? My guess would be no. So where is it? Well of course a large amount of it is broken down by your body to be used as energy, but what about the rest? Is it happily decaying in your colon? Perhaps. You can take all the vitamins and acai juice in the world but if you are putting it into a dirty system how much good do you think it is doing?

I have used colon cleanses for years and I love them. For me they improve my sleep, up my metabolism and make my skin glow. I usually loose around 4-5 pounds when I do one as well. They work well for me and I rarely ever get sick and I think that this is a factor. But with me I am always looking for the next best product and that is when I came across Move 2 Pure. It claims to be a simple and easy to use colon cleanse that is all natural and in tea form. After some of the disgusting fiber mixes I have taken with other colon cleanse kits I was immediately interested. Let me tell you, if was by far the most gentle and pleasant cleanse I have done to date. I feel it has worked better than all the other kits I have tried combined. Of course this is just me and everyone is different, but I feel great! I would recommend it to anyone.

However not all colon cleanses are created equal and the research and personal use of Move 2 Pure has me hooked on this one. Safe, effective and affordable